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About Me + Contact

IG & FB @brittyblooms

North Bay, ON

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Britty's Blooms' Brand Values:

* Collaboration

* Supporting Local

* Community over Competition

* Lifelong Learning

* Living a flower-filled life


My Story


Britty's Blooms is owned by Britta, who has been working in the floral industry for 13 years. Originally from Brampton, she has worked in shops across Southern Ontario. 

Britty's Blooms began as a pandemic project, as a way to explore partnerships with local flower farms and to create handcrafted blooms in response to the supply chain shortages that have affected the floral industry in Canada. 

Britta wears many hats and is a true multipotentialite at heart. Before she was a floral designer, she was a YouTube Tarot Reader. She is a floral designer, embroiderer, paper + felt flower artist, social media manager, Library worker, content creator, tarot reader, tarot card designer, and a PhD student. 

Photo Credit: Ark Photography by Rachael

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